Doug & Bernie CampBell, Wycliffe USA

Doug & Bernie Campbell joined Wycliffe in 2010 and are serving Wycliffe USA in Human Resources doing Partnership Developing (PD) Coaching. PD Coaches supervise new members as they raise their prayer and financial partnership teams, meeting with them weekly to pray, encourage, and guide them during their first assignment - Partnership Development. They also assist existing members in maintaining their prayer and financial partnership teams which is vital to the continuation of translation for the Bibleless.

STeve & faye daniels, MONTPELIER, France

Steve and Faye Daniels are Fond du Lac natives who moved to France in July of 2016. Steve served with Youth for Christ in Fond du Lac for 20 years, while Faye was a French teacher for 14 years.

Steve & Faye Daniels serve in one of the most unreached countries in Europe. They are currently based in Montpelier, France. They are engaging in the French culture by offering English immersion camp experiences to allow French young people to sharpen their skills. Steve and fAye are also partnering with local churches and youth groups to help build relationships with the French. They hope to host short-term missions trips for teens and young adults who want to share their faith and build friendships with the French.

great commission media

Great Commission Media is a non-denominational modern missions organization which focuses on taking the Gospel to the nations of Russia, Asia, the Middle East, North Africa,  by partnering with IRR-TV in missions projects. 

To achieve its goal of reaching people, GCM produces evangelistic radio programs, television programs, videos and literature in 40 languages. They also train indigenous workers in their respective cultures sending them to their own people. 

In addition, GCM provides humanitarian aid in hard hit areas suffering from natural disasters and to children in Russia's children's prison camps.

Mark & Bev Hefter

Mark Hefter serves at Wycliffe USA with the Ministry and Care Resource HR team. As such, he helps to support over 1,500 current Bible translation projects taking place all over the world; 58 teams in 43 different countries. Mark helps to support missionaries while they are in foreign lands serving, and also as they transition back to the United States. Mark and Bev have been serving with Wycliffe since 2000, previously spending 13 years in Papua New Guinea.

nate & heidi hinton, USA River Tanzania

Nate and Heidi Hinton live in Northern Tanzania, where they have their TIMO base. TIMO is a ministry that plants teams of new missionaries among unreached people groups where they are mentored by an experienced leader, go through training, learn the local language, and become part of the community (many in Muslim contexts). Nate is responsible for setting up these teams logistically and Heidi is the book keeper. Both are also involved in other areas such as team leader training site and vehicle maintenance, surveys of new unreached areas, evaluations of the programs and much more. 

ron & sherri lapka, El Salvador

Ron and Sherry have been on the mission field since July of 2007, but are currently in the states on Home Assignment. They will continue to share and preach in churches and at conferences for the next month, until they return to El Savador after Christmas 2016.  

Jim & rene larson, 

Everyday Ministries, Dominican REpublic

Jim and Renee Larson founded Every Day Ministries in 2006 for the purpose of equipping and empowering the nationals of developing nations. Over the last several years, Every Day Ministries has been involved with partnering in the construction of over 56 churches, providing training and conferences for 1000's of pastors and leaders as well as strengthening communities in the Dominican Republic through various forms of outreach.

Godfrey & Carolyn OnwunilI,

Accra, ghana

After serving as Associate Pastor (and wife) at Lighthouse Christian Church, Godfrey and Carolyn answered God's call to plant churches in Ghana. The first church, planted in April of 2015, is located in the city of Accra. This church will train and send believers to the northern part of the country to reach the unreached. They are excited to be in the beginning stages of their ministry and look forward to the launch of their first church plant. 

During LCC's 2016 Missions Conference, we were able to raise enough funds to create a wall around some purchased property. The wall is needed in order to keep out squatters until the actual structure is built.

To keep updated with what is happening with the Onwunili family and their mission Serve Ghana, visit their website, You can also sign up to receive email newsletters on their website.

tom & deb possin, ywam montana

Tom & Deb have been serving as missionaries for more than 20 years and currently live in Montana. They have 4 sons; Jacob, Aaron, David and Nathan. Tom is the Director of the School of Biblical Studies, which trains missionaries in teaching the Bible. Deb also teaches at the school. They currently have 53 students from 12 nations. 

MARti & Brenda Roman

Marti and Brenda have been serving in Benin, West Africa for 30+ years. Marti partners with church planting pastors in northern regions of Muslim dominated areas, to plant 96 strategically placed churches. 

Brenda works at the Ruth Center for victims of human trafficking. 

She is also involved in Project Naomi, which provides financing for

the small businesses of widows, enabling them to support themselves

and their families. Also, Brenda is launching a ministry to the more than 9000 children who live and sleep on the streets of Cotonou, the largest city in Benin.