Our Mission: 

to radiate the warmth and light of

god's love in our everyday lives. 

Radiating Light:

Our mission is to share the truth, that Jesus saves!  That there is hope in Christ.  Our desire is to be a church that reaches out.  Engaged in lives around us.  Jesus gave His followers a "Great Commission" to "Go"!  We want to be a church that is involved and an active part in serving our community (Fond du Lac and the surrounding towns) and beyond (To the ends of the earth)!  

Radiating warmth

The mission continues in how we relate to one another.  The warmth of Lighthouse is the community and family atmosphere shared.  The church is often illustrated in a body, and how the body is comprised of many parts working together.  We weren't created to walk alone and part of our mission is to see relationships built and people growing together, discovering their God given gifts and then putting them into practice in reaching out to others.