lighthouse kids

If you have any questions about these ministry, or questions about kids in general, feel free to contact Allan Wojahn at 920-921-3477 or email at

  • Sunday morning Nursery

    available the entire service

    1 year ~ 3 years old girls and boys

    We have a group of caring, energetic, and trained volunteers ready to play, read to, and care for your child so you can enjoy your time in the adult service without worry. We know ministry can happen even for the littlest of children, so we count it a privilege to spend time with your child. If you would like to join the team of amazing people who take care of our youngest children or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Rachel at 920.921.3477.

  • Sunday morning preschool

    Available the entire service

    3 year ~ 4K age girls and boys

    Our preschool program is a bustling, buzzing, and busy place each Sunday morning. We are grateful to have a great program to minister to our children at such an inquisitive age! We are currently using curriculum entitled, Just Us Little Guys, which provides special lessons developmentally focused on the tender hearts of children with burgeoning perspectives of the world around them. This program allows a connection between what children learn with us and what they can learn at home, with resources provided to parents. Our lessons are hands on & explorative, aimed at the heart of a preschool child. Children learn about who Jesus is, how He loves us, and how we can share that love. If you feel you’d like to join us in ministering to these beautiful, energetic, creative children, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Rachel.

  • sunday kid's church

    available the entire service

    Kindergarten ~ 5th grade girls and boys

    We are excited to be part of the What is Orange curriculum program. This is a phenomenal group of leaders, parents, and students who want to foster a sincere faith in our children, to encourage them to grow closer to God, and to challenge the children to share the love of Christ with others in their lives. Each month, we focus on an attribute of God and how we can live it out in our own lives. Worship is lead by our own Fuel Team, made up of young people from 5th – 12th grade, and the lesson is full of engaging activities and FUN! 

    If you have any questions or would like to be engaged in our KIDS ministry, please call 920.921.3477 or email Pastor Rachel today!

  • wednesday evening, 6:15-7:45pm

    MPact Girls & Royal Ranger Boys

    2017-2018 YEAR starts WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

    Preschool ~ 5th grade girls and boys. 

    What is Mpact or Royal Rangers? This mid-week ministry is desgined to mentor young girls and boys to become Christlike and lifelong servant leaders. In joining the Mpact and Royal Rangers clubs, our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation through relational and experiential methods.


    Reaching out to all children through various activities such as outdoor and sports fun, trade skills, arts, and technologies, provides an opportunity to develop mentoring relationsips amongst peers and adults. Delivering fun leads to relationship, and relationship leads to evangelism.


    Kids need engaging activities to allow the mentoring process in becoming Christlike leaders. Dischipleship is a process, not an event. Balanced weekly meetings with fun and purposeful activities gives you a perfect place to coach intentional Biblical instruction following the characteristics of Christ.


    In order to become lifelong servants, kids will require being involved in leadership. Mpact/Rangers is not a ministry solely to students, but rather one that involves students in ministry to their peers and abroad.

    We realize that benchwarmers do not acquire these qualities watching from the sidelines. Getting in the game of life and living it with others provides growth opportunities. Girls and boys do not need to see men and women who are perfect, but men and women who are eager to be perfected by God's grace and help. By partnering the family and church together, we can have a greater influence on the journey all kids take towards Christlike qualities leading to lifelong servanthood.


    While it is the goal of our leaders to be relational with your child, a church's leadership will only be as strong as the involvement of family guardians to increase the consistency of Christlike influence. Our challenge to you is to get involved in your child's interests and experiences utilizing the strengths God has provided them. Through the variety of activities within the Mpact/Rangers clubs, you will find a new desire within your child to activate the innate talents and characteristics God created in their unique existence. If partnering with us on this inspiring journey towards a life like Christ inspires you, please contact Pastor Allan. We are looking forward to growing just as much as the kids will!

    Please watch the following videos put together by the Mpact/Rangers clubs. Each one will touch your heart and increase your own desire to influence kids for the kingdom of Christ.

    Statistics about children and their relationship with God.


    Royal Rangers